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Recycled Plastic Lumber is Ideal for Wetlands & Waterways

Plaswood recycled plastic provides the perfect, long-lasting solution for boardwalks, cycleways, staging, fishing ponds, flood barriers and many more structures that are located in wet and damp environments.

In marine environment wood needs to be replaced on average every 4-5 years, Plaswood will give you a guarantee of long term economy as it lasts indefinitely. When compared to wood, Plaswood is completely inert, does not rot, splinter, degrade with age and will withstand harsh and wet environments and it will stay as great looking after years of use as it did when first installed. It is cost-effective, labour-saving and particularly suited to marine and wet habitats.

Non Absorbing
Weather Proof
Ever Lasting
Recycled Plastic Decking
Plaswood a timeless, durable and weather proof decking solution offers year after year of quality.
Recycled Plastic Lumber
The possibilities are endless... as is the life span of Plaswood recycled plastic wood.
Recycled Plastic Fencing and Gates
Plaswood recycled plastic Fencing is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional timber fencing.
Recycled Plastic Signage
Plaswood recycled plastic signposts are an important feature of any well planned street, park, nature reserve and all public areas.

Bespoke Products

All of our furniture and products can be manufactured to your unique requirement and product specification, whether it is a brand new design or just alternation made to existing product.
Bespoke Design Service