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Non Absorbing
Weather Proof
Ever Lasting
Plaswood Recycled Plastic Benches
Plaswood recycled plastic benches are available in various designs and colours, suitable for all ground surfaces and are maintenance free!
Plaswood Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables
Plaswood picnic tables make viabrant and hard wearing additions to any public space or garden.
Plaswood Recycled Plastic Signage
Plaswood recycled plastic signposts are an important feature of any well planned street, park, nature reserve and all public areas.
Plaswood Fencing and Gates
Plaswood recycled plastic Fencing is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional timber fencing.
Plaswood Recycled Plastic Lumber
The possibilities are endless... as is the life span of Plaswood recycled plastic wood.
Plaswood Recycled Plastic Decking
Plaswood a timeless, durable and weather proof decking solution offers year after year of quality.
Plaswood Recycled Plastic Planters
Our planters will add excitement and colour to any yard, garden, park or urban area. Why use wood if you can use our durable and environmentally friendly Plaswood!?
Plaswood Recycled Plastic Bollards
Plaswood recycled plastic bollards are uniquely manufactured from 100% recycled waste agricultural polythene film.
Plaswood Recycled Plastic  Edging
Plaswood recycled plastic Edgings are uniquely manufactured from 100% recycled waste.

Bespoke Products

All of our furniture and products can be manufactured to your unique requirement and product specification, whether it is a brand new design or just alternation made to existing product.
Bespoke Design Service